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Application Deadline for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Part-time) – Traditional Stream (September 2020 intake) has been extended to 29 February 2020. Applications are invited for the following specialising subjects (NO specialising subjects focus in

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WELCOME to the family of Department of Education Studies (EDUC). EDUC is one of the seven departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences. We aspire to be a leading teacher education and educational development institute with local commitment and a global

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Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes (PGDE) aim to prepare university graduates to become competent and confident teachers in schools in Hong Kong. If you are degree holder and wish to receive teacher training, PGDE is a good choice for you.

1. You have to pay a non-refundable application fee for each online application. 2. Please read the “General Information for Online Application” carefully before you fill out your online application form.3. Please click to view the “Instructions on How to Register and Fill Out the Online Application Form”.

PGDE P rogrammes (2020-21) is closed. Application deadline: 2 Jan 2020. Major Subjects Offered Admission Interview / Written Test (Updated) Primary Programme Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Programme [1-year Full-time]

PGDE報名截止日期(2019學年): 港大: 2018年12月3日中午12點正 浸大: 2018年12月31日(全日制); 2019年1月31日(兼讀制) 教大: 2019年1月2日中午12點正 中大: 將於2018年12月接受報名 公大:只在秋季學期招收新生

# Applicants for the major subjects of Chinese Language and English please refer to the Report of Language Education Review published by the Standing Committee on

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education [PGDE] programme prepares university graduates to teach mainly in schools within Hong Kong. It offers both full-time and part-time mode of study. Full Time (normally one year, up to a maximum of two years, with classes

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Admissions HKBU offers full-time integrated undergraduate, postgraduate programmes leading to master or doctoral degrees with the aim of nurturing students’ all-round development through a unique and enriching learning experience.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme prepares university graduates to teach in Hong Kong in sectors ranging from kindergartens to secondary schools. The PGDE is a teacher training qualification recognized by the Education Bureau of the

BU人不只在BU發生的故事 浸大成就 學生成就 教職員成就 浸大領域 展示浸大的學術專長,以及與社區的連繫。 入讀浸大 入讀浸大 學術課程 交換生 可持續發展校園 創新研究

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17/12/2019 · 引用: 原帖由 EROS105105 於 2017-10-26 11:43 AM 發表 黎緊想報FULL TIME既PGDE 岩岩見到中文就話12月開始可以報名,但其他院校好似仲未有消息,未知報名日期 大家可唔可以係到交流下各院校往年既開始報名日期? 或者大家知唔知2018-2019年度既招生日期?

31/12/2019 · The primary aim of the Programme is to provide professional training for local school teachers who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline. In the capacity of a teacher, a person may have to assume several roles in the education circle, some

31/12/2019 · The primary aim of the Programme is to provide professional training for local school teachers who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline. In the capacity of a teacher, a person may have to assume several roles in the education circle, some

Cross-Disciplinary Programmes JS2040 English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching (Double Degree) JS2680 Geography/ History/ Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching (Double Degree) JS2690 Geography/ History/ Sociology and Personal, Social

學位教師教育深造文憑 ( 小學 )為香港特別行政區政府教育局認可的教學資格,專為持有認可學士學位的在職教師或準教師而設 , 使完成課程的學員可以取得認可的教師資歷。課程包括心理學和課程學及教師專業的探討,以及主修科目的教學法和專業技巧。

As UCAS introduced a new Tariff System since 2017, the calculation of GCE Admissions Score Range of 2019 entry has excluded any examination results obtained before September 2017. Data as of 4 September 2019

Faculty of Architecture Programme Download Documents Deadline Apply Master of Architecture Additional Information / Regulations & Syllabuses 19-20 / Supporting Documents 12:00 noon (GMT +8), December 31, 2019 Full Time Master of Architecture (Design)

2019年12月18日 國際學院學生發展中心推出「精神健康訓練計劃」 締造關愛校園 2019年11月29日 傳理學部講師獲香港電台邀請,主講新聞媒體工作坊 2019年11月18日 香港浸會大學持續教育學院獎學金及獎項頒獎禮 2019年11月11日

本部開辦四年全日制幼兒教育學教育學士(榮譽)學位課程,旨在為有志投身幼兒教育工作的中學畢業生提供培訓,讓學員能掌握最新的幼兒教育專業知識和技能。 為配合政府倡議提高幼兒教師之學歷,本課程之畢業生將獲培訓成為專業的幼兒教育工作者,具備有關的專業知識、終身學習的技能及

Please fill out the online form latest by 16 December 2019 if you would like to take this arrangement. Please prepare an image of your identity proof (HKID Card is most preferred) before you start. Details please refer to the email sent to you by the School on 5

Application Undergraduate Programmes Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Associate Degree Programme Higher Diploma Programmes Higher Diploma in Commercial Design 。Jewellery Design and Visual Merchandising Higher Diploma in Management 。Aviation Administration 。Justice Administration and Law Enforcement 。Sport and

8/12/2019 · 我都想做教師,想改變學生,想改變年輕一代,我未讀pgde,當然有時要顧及現實環境,的確呢幾年個景好差,即使讀完,只係做ta,但至少讀完可以爭取做教師機會,如果無讀,就唔洗諗呢行添,只係花一年時間,去爭取一生既理想,我會試,一齊加油!

Programmes offered by the Faculty of Education are celebrated for their breadth and depth, as well as the use of innovative teaching methods. Through four Departments and one Unit of the Faculty, programmes aim to train graduate teachers, scholars who conduct

1 HKBU Elite Athletes Admission Scheme (EAAS) 香港浸會大學精英運動員入學計劃 Local elite athletes who are admitted to full‐time UGC‐funded undergraduate degree programmes offered by the University via JUPAS or non‐JUPAS. Eligible applicants should have

We aim to cultivate higher degree graduates to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of the society and to make contributions to the pool of human knowledge

學位教師教育文憑課程(Postgraduate Diploma in Education,簡稱PGDE)是一種一年制的學士後 文憑,專門為已有學士學位而未有受過教師培訓,但有志於加入基礎教育行列的人士所編製的課程。 現時全球有不少地區,如澳洲及新西蘭等,都要求教師在執教以前,必須要有當地的教師培訓資歷才可以任教。

Advertised On Position Department Closing Date 2020-02-21 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Gut-Brain Axis) (PR0291/19-20) Chinese Medicine – Clinical Division 2020-03-14 Apply Now 2020-02-21 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Clinical Research) (PR0293/19-20)

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Admission Requirements The OUHK does not have any academic entry requirements for most of its part-time (distance learning) first degree programmes. Admission is open to anyone in Hong Kong over the age of 17. You should note, however, that some of the

CityU offers more than 50 taught postgraduate programmes in diverse and extensive subject areas to help students pursue their personal interests, professional excellence and career advancement. Students will receive an innovative and in-depth education, mainly in

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唔少大學文科生(Bachelor of Arts),都會視考公務員為畢業工。但係除左公務員呢條路之外,亦都會好多人考慮升讀PGDE(即係平時講嘅教育文憑),尤其是主修中、英文嘅大學生。讀完再讀,未教到書前事先自己都要死讀爛讀一大輪先,PDGE係咪是但點讀都得?

9/2/2020 · 感谢楼主分享,解决了我很大的疑惑!我今年大三,是英语专业,师范类。下学期会去做支教。最近一直很心仪去香港读pgde。对香港准英语教师奖学金也有所了解,问下楼主对这个有没什么了解。其次,楼主选择的是partime的pgde,那和fulltime比较如何呢?

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Study a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) teaching degree at the University of Strathclyde. Train to be a Secondary or Primary school teacher. Teacher training at the University of Strathclyde Do you want to get into teaching? Our teaching


課程制式 兼讀制 開課日期 2020年3月5日 (星期四) 修業期 1年至3年 教學語言 中文為主,輔以英文 課程費用 註冊費 $400 特殊教育(讀寫障礙) $6250 認識及支援專注力不足及過度活躍學童 $3950 認識及支援資優學童 $3950 認識及支援自閉症譜系障礙學童 $3950

DESCRIPTION 1ST SEMESTER (N) 2ND SEMESTER (N) Admission Form 10,500.00 – Tuition Fee 56,000.00 35,000.00 OTHER FEES FOR POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN EDUCATION (PGDE) Academic Transcript (Excluding Courier Cost) 3,000.00

Ms. Lam Shuk Mei BA, BU; PGDE, CUHK; MA Sociology, CUHK Teaching Subject: Chinese History Academic Qualifications Master of Arts (Sociology) – The Chinese University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Arts (History), Hong Kong Baptist University