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Lantau Tomorrow Vision is arguably Hong Kong’s most important and controversial project. Here’s what you need to know about HK$624 billion plan New metropolis on man-made islands will be the

Context The Lantau Tomorrow Vision is a plan to create 1,700 hectares of artificial islands for a new housing and economic hub in waters east of Lantau. According to the Sustainable Lantau Office, the new town will accommodate about 260,000 to 400,000 housing units, of

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Dubbed the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” by Lam, her grand plan is to develop Hong Kong’s biggest island and its surrounding areas, creating Hong Kong’s third housing and business centre in the

HK$500 billion Lantau Tomorrow Vision reclamation project could pay for itself, Financial Secretary Paul Chan tells SCMP’s Redefining Hong Kong Debate Series Chan said government looking into

Lantau Tomorrow Vision will be affected by three yet-to-be-discussed factors: political reality, economic integration and Hong Kong demographics. First, the state owns all land in China. By the

, calling it the Lantau Tomorrow Vision. Personally, I quite like the idea of having a chief executive with vision, and the courage to say so out loud in public. But most Hongkongers

From the amount of land to be reclaimed, to estimates of office space to be created and the impact on transport, the changes in numbers and projections raise questions.

Carrie Lam’s Lantau Tomorrow Vision is riven with contradictions that defeat its purpose Sign in/up An aerial view of Sunshine Island in the waters east of Lantau. Chief Executive Carrie Lam has

New town will have developed roads and rail networks but some are worried it would give developers an opportunity to monopolise rights. Liberal Studies: Lantau Tomorrow Vision project will include HK$273 billion transport network built at the same time

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Carrie Lam’s Lantau Tomorrow Vision can boost the city’s economic development and help fix the housing shortage, but it’s a huge waste of money. In fact, there are lots of areas in Hong Kong where we can build public flats, such as the Fanling golf course and

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The government denied Lautau Tomorrow Vision would drain the city’s public reserves. Liberal Studies: HK$624 billion cost of Lantau Tomorrow Vision artificial island project will eventually be profitable, officials say Liberal Studies: HK$624 billion cost of

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Issue 1 Undersecretary for Development Liu Chun-san said in February the construction for the Lantau Tomorrow Vision will not start until it has been confirmed that the project will not have detrimental effects on the environment. His statement failed to impress

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To harness the strategic advantages and opportunities of Lantau, the Chief Executive announced in her Policy Address 2018 the Lantau Tomorrow Vision with a view to building a solid foundation for a sustainable future for Hong Kong. We will realise this vision in

News The Lantau Tomorrow Vision was announced by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor last October. This ambitious plan involves creating 1,700 hectares of artificial islands for a new housing and an economic hub in waters east of Lantau, in what would be the city’s biggest and most expensive infrastructure project.

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HK’s five-year air quality targets are deliberately low to facilitate development, such as that of Lantau Tomorrow Vision HK’s five-year air quality targets are deliberately low to facilitate development, such as that of Lantau Tomorrow Vision Pending approval from the

【明報專訊】IN response to doubts concerning whether Lantau Tomorrow Vision will “deplete the coffers”, the government has revealed a preliminary estimate of the cost and returns of the project. The announcement marks the transition of the artificial island

This year’s Policy Address has put forward the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” which proposes to progressively press ahead several development areas at Lantau Island and the coastal areas of Tuen Mun with the objective of increasing land supply and consolidating

Lantau Tomorrow Vision 繁:明日大嶼願景 简:明日大屿愿景 特首林鄭月娥在新一份《施政報告》提出「明日大嶼願景」發展計劃,其中東大嶼都會填海計劃,由原定1000公頃擴大至1700公頃,政府消息人士估計,有關項目造價高達5000億元,反對團體批評「掟錢落海」、掏盡庫房,周日(14日)發起大型遊行

Lantau Tomorrow Vision (Chinese: 明日大嶼願景) is a development project in Hong Kong launched by Chief Executive Carrie Lam in her 2018 policy address which includes the creation of a third core business district by constructing artificial islands with a total .

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The HKIE Forum on Lantau Tomorrow Vision 16-1-2019 The HKIE Belt & Road Initiative Talk Series – Israel 4/1 – 13/4/2019 香港工程師學會 —「工程師體驗巡禮」 STEM方案設計比賽 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – The HKIE Engineer Day STEM 31/3

明日大嶼願景(英語:Lantau Tomorrow Vision),簡稱「明日大嶼」,是香港特別行政區行政長官林鄭月娥在2018年度施政報告中提出的大嶼山發展計劃。施政報告指出,「明日大嶼」將是未來二、三十年香港的長遠發展願景,項目計劃在交椅洲和喜靈洲附近分階段填

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圖片來源:林鄭月娥 Carrie Lam/Facebook 林鄭月娥的萬億超級填海大工程,嚇傻了香港人,決定將香港整個財政儲備的主體,孤注一擲,投入海洋,換取超過 2,000 公頃的土地,包括 1,700 公頃的一座人工島。 因為香港人還記得主權移交前中國官員陳佐洱強硬

The Development Bureau has said that parts of Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s Lantau Tomorrow Vision development project will cost approximately HK$624 billion. The Kau Yi Chau reclamation, and

THE Lantau Tomorrow Vision (明日大嶼願景) will cost HK$624 billion – this is the first time the government has put a figure on the massive reclamation-development project. Announcing the estimate at a press conference, Secretary for Development Michael Wong Wai-lun (發展局局長黃偉綸) assured that the project will not deplete financial reserves as the land sale revenue of HK

Let us look at our government’s record as a user of a large piece of reclaimed land. In 1998 the Kai Tak airport closed, leaving some 300 hectares free for new uses. If Mr Wong had been in

The 10th Lantau Beer Dash is the end of an era EPD issues HK$31b contract for Shek Kwu Chau incinerator Try again: Govt re-issues contract for fast broadband to islands Caribbean Coast thieves enter from roof in $430,000 break-in Lantau’s haunted houses

Reported by Akane Nakasuji, Cara Li, Vanessa Yung and Yetta Lam Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor unveiled her 2018 policy address today, announcing the launch of a new development project named “Lantau Tomorrow Vision”. The project will create artificial islands to increase the number of residential units and improve people’s livelihoods, she said, in

In explaining his budget, Chan said at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that the Development Bureau had issued relevant documents in relation to Lantau Tomorrow Vision, and will provide

3/5/2019 · The Lantau Tomorrow Vision seems necessary to dealing with the Hong Kong housing crisis. However, is it worth the environmental damage and costs? What

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Step 3: Draw up a Revised Lantau Concept Plan by incorporating the long-established conservation needs and those publicly accepted facilities deemed to be consistent with the vision for Lantau; Conduct a public engagement exercise on the Revised Lantau

The government’s “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” reclamation proposal is an optimized development plan in terms of cost and investment returns, 38 prominent Hong Kong economists said

Well well. No less than 38 academic economists were reported last week as having signed a petition in support of the government’s “Lantau Tomorrow Vision,” which might be

Residents say ‘Lantau Tomorrow Vision’, the city’s largest land reclamation project, is costly and will kill marine life A protester holds a sign in the shape of a chainsaw with an

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19/10/2018 · Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam has unveiled a 1,700-hectare reclamation blueprint off Lantau to ease the city’s

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The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, said today that she was not the one who decided on the size of reclamation in the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” project unveiled in the Policy Address

In the coming Jan 30, Legislative Councilor Chu Hoi Dick will table an oral question related to AQOs and Lantau Tomorrow Vision on the Council Meetings of Legislative Council. Let’s see how the government would respond to the critique. Read more: – Asia’s

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26/11/2018 · Lantau Tomorrow Vision is arguably Hong Kongs most important and controversial project. Heres what you need to know about HK$624 billion plan New metropolis on man-made islands will be the most expensive infrastructure project the city has ever seen.

“Lantau Tomorrow Vision” project is definitely the most eye-catching and controversial. Under the proposal, the government will build several gigantic man-made islands east and north of Lantau

38 economists signed a joint statement in support of the Lantau Tomorrow Vision project. Cosigners include FBE Chair of Economics Professor Y.C. Richard Wong, Professor of Practice in Management and Strategy Professor Geng Xiao, Assistant Professor in

HK$500 billion Lantau Tomorrow Vision reclamation project could pay for itself, Financial Secretary Paul Chan tells SCMP’s Redefining Hong Kong Debate Series CP name South China Morning Post Upload Date & Time Diterbitkan 07.03, 14/03/2019

Wong also hit back at critics of the government’s choice of location, saying Kau Yi Chau – the location selected for the first phase of reclamation in the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” project – is

A team of researchers conducting a study around the South China Sea told the Post that latest findings indicated two seasonal zones with low oxygen levels to the south and southeast of Lantau Island. The full news article is available in SCMP.

A section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (above) seen from Lantau island. Reclamation works for the development under Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” are to start in

Lantau Tomorrow Vision (planned) In October 2018, a development project was announced with the intention of creating 1700 hectares of land in the form of new islands off the east coast of Lantau, to house an estimated 1.1 million people. The project has an

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11/1/2020 · Cash for Lantau Tomorrow Vision can wait until next term, Hong Kong legislators say Calls for livelihood issues to trump man-made islands at finance panel before Legislative Council session ends Pan-democrats say there is already enough political controversy

Green Lantau Association protects and promotes, Lantau island’s unique biodiversity and scenery for future generations. If you can plow through the turgid verbosity below, it will give you a few laughs – an Orwellian classic of bureaucratspeak describing activity but